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23. March 2023

TRAMAG Branch Chokes – The perfect fit for Multilevel Converter Systems

Industrial drives systems require powerful converters with maximum flexibility and high availability. In addition, they must be suitable for controlling almost any type of motor and the voltage-signal must be mains-friendly as well as motor-friendly on the output side.

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15. March 2023

TRAMAG Special Transformers with the right power for Copper Wire Production

TRAMAG Special Transformers with the right power for Copper Wire Production Highlight of the week Machine and plant construction is the primary domain for the use of our TRAMAG transformers. […]

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8. March 2023

TRAMAG Low Harmonic Filter (LHF) Chokes for trouble-free operation of Island-Power-Supplies

TRAMAG Low Harmonic Filter (LHF) Chokes for trouble-free operation of Island-Power-Supplies Highlight of the week Separated from the public interconnected power grids operated by large energy supply companies, technologically complex […]

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Transformatoren für Medizintechnik
28. February 2023

TRAMAG transformers with multiple secondary system for medical devices in use

In hardly any other industry are the quality requirements for safe voltage supply, electrical safety and reliable functionality greater than in medical technology.

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23. February 2023

Sinusoidal Filters for drive systems with special requirements

TRAMAG chokes and filters are used in drives systems whose core component is a frequency converter that controls one or more motors of a machine or system. Between frequency converters and motors, caused by long cable lengths, undesirable voltage surges can occur at the motor terminals and damaging, parasitic losses can occur in the motor.

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Spezialtransformatoren für den Sondermaschinenbau
14. February 2023

TRAMAG Matching Transformer in Protective Housing for Special Purpose Machinery

Mechanical engineering is a mainstay of the manufacturing industry in Europe. The worldwide turnover with machines amounted to almost 3 trillion euros in 2021. Around 30% of this, i.e. around 900 billion euros, was generated in Europe. (Source: Statista, VDMA).

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8. February 2023

TRAMAG Choke-System as a Motor-Dummy-Load in the e-Automotive Test Field

TRAMAG-Drosselsystem als Motor-Ersatzlast im e-Automotive-Prüffeld Highlights of the week By 2030, at least 15 million all-electric cars (BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle) should be on Germany’s roads. This is the […]

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3. February 2023

TRAMAG Task Force in Action: Even to remote locations

TRAMAG TASK FORCE IN ACTION Part 4: Even to remote locations Drilling platforms are artificially constructed platforms in the middle of the sea. These technically highly complex structures generate several […]

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31. January 2023

TRAMAG Task Force in Action: Three in a Weckla

TRAMAG TASK FORCE IN ACTION Part 3: Three in a Weckla Nuremberg without sausages is like a transformer without voltage. The horror was correspondingly great when the supply to the […]

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27. January 2023

TRAMAG TASK FORCE IN ACTION: A cool head on the high seas

TRAMAG TASK FORCE IN ACTION Part 2: A cool head on the high seas Working on a fishing trawler is not for the faint-hearted. Fishing also means hard work almost […]

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25. January 2023

TRAMAG Task Force in Action: shining children’s eyes

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is a special experience for many children every year. With its magical stalls and colourful carousel, it is one of the most popular Christmas markets in Germany. But when the carousel suddenly stopped on a beautiful winter afternoon, not only the children but also the carousel operator were disappointed.

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14. December 2022

Christmas & New Year Greetings

Christmas & New Year Greetings The TRAMAG Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year The entire TRAMAG Team would like to thank its business partners – […]

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9. December 2022

TRAMAG Review of the year

Wir blicken mit großer Freude auf ein erfolgreiches TRAMAG-Jahr 2022 zurück, welches wir mit einem kräftigen Wachstum positiv abschließen dürfen.

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5. December 2022

TRAMAG Insights

TRAMAG Insights New plant manager for TRAMAG manufacturing site in the Czech Republic At the beginning of this week we welcomed Pavel Dostal, our new plant manager for BOHEMIA-Trafo, the […]

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30. November 2022

Industries & Applications: TRAMAG Products in use worldwide for the most Industrial Applications

In the past eleven weeks we have presented concrete, current practical examples from the most diverse areas of applications of our TRAMAG transformers, chokes and filters in our Industry & Applications News series, which is intended to give you a representative cross-section view of our competences and possibilities.

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23. November 2022

Industries & Applications: Hydrogen Production for a “green” Energy Source

Industries & Applications: Hydrogen Production for a “green” Energy Source TRAMAG DC Smoothing Reactors in use for the DC Supply of an Electrolysis Plant for the Production of Hydrogen   The […]

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18. November 2022

Industries & Applications: Crane Systems

Industries & Applications: Crane Systems TRAMAG Transformers in use for Electrical Control and Safety in Crane Systems A significant part of the worldwide transport of goods takes place in ISO-standardized […]

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15. November 2022

Industries & Applications: Industrial Power Supply Systems

Industries & Applications: Industrial Power Supply Systems TRAMAG Transformers in use for sustainable Voltage Quality in Factory Power Grids The construction of new, but also the modernization of existing industrial […]

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3. November 2022

Industries & Applications: Renewable Energy Generation / Wind Energy

Industries & Applications: Renewable Energy Generation / Wind Energy TRAMAG Filter Chokes for Wind Turbines in use for Clean Energy Transition Newly installed onshore wind turbines in Germany (as of […]

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26. October 2022

Industries & Applications: Test Systems and Test Equipment

Industries & Applications: Test Systems and Test Equipment Load Chokes from TRAMAG in Test Applications for Drives Technology Our load chokes serve as a motor replacement for testing single-phase and […]

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20. October 2022

Industry Focus: Battery storage technology in production use

Industry Focus: Battery storage technology in production use Battery Storage Technology with TRAMAG Chokes for Power Supply of Industrial Drives Systems Even a short power failure within a factory can […]

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13. October 2022

Industry Focus: Maritime Applications

Industry Focus: Maritime Applications Safe, seaworthy Onboard Power Supply with TRAMAG Premagnetizing Transformers For maritime shipping, a reliable power supply for on-board networks and drives for man and machine is […]

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5. October 2022

Industry Focus: Renewable Energies

Industry Focus: Photovoltaics Making Electricity from Solar Energy usable with TRAMAG LCL Filters Solar energy-based photovoltaic technology is undisputedly one of the supporting pillars of the energy turnaround for the […]

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28. September 2022

Industry focus: Medical Technology

Industry focus: Medical Technology Power supply for Computer- Tomographs (MRT) and Dialysis Machines with TRAMAG Transformers Hardly anywhere are the quality requirements for safe power supply, electrical safety and reliable […]

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21. September 2022

Industry focus: Mechanical and plant engineering

Industry focus: Mechanical and plant engineering Process annealing of winding conductor wires with TRAMAG transformers TRAMAG transformers are mainly used in mechanical and plant engineering. On the one hand, transformers […]

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14. September 2022

Industry focus: Drives and Automation technology

Industry focus: Drives and Automation technology – Energy recovery with TRAMAG chokes TRAMAG product applications TRAMAG chokes and filters are mainly used in drives systems. The core component of such […]

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6. July 2022

Isolating transformers – TRAMAG products explained

Isolating transformers with protective separation TRAMAG products explained transform Isolating transformers provide safety where reliable protective separation of circuits is necessary. They thus ensure the reliable and safe power supply […]

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29. June 2022

Medical technology transformers – TRAMAG products explained

Transformers for medical use are a special type of isolating transformer and are used to provide a safe power supply for medical systems and equipment in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries worldwide.

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10. June 2022

The testing process – made by TRAMAG

TRAMAG has stood for high-quality winding goods for almost 100 years. That is why all our products are 100% tested before they leave the factory.

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8. June 2022

Vacuum impregnation – made by TRAMAG

The impregnation process for transformers, chokes and filters is equivalent to an impregnation process of the winding material. TRAMAG uses synthetic resin of special viscosity as the impregnating agent, which hardens completely.

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31. May 2022

Sinusoidal filter – TRAMAG products explained

Just like dU/dt filters, Sinusoidal filters belong to the output filters, as they are also operated directly at the inverter output and before the connected drive units (motors).

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24. May 2022

dU/dt filters – TRAMAG products explained

dU/dt filters belong to the group of output filters, as they are used directly at the inverter output, upstream of the connected drive units – developed precisely to fit the individual drives system.

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16. May 2022

LCL filters – TRAMAG products explained

LCL filters are operated directly upstream of the converter to the grid feed-in side. They are used specifically for regenerative converter solutions, which is why they are also used primarily in the field of renewable energies in photovoltaics.

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4. May 2022

Connection technology – made by TRAMAG

The quality of transformers, chokes and filters depends to a large extent both on their materials and on how these materials are combined and connected.

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28. April 2022

Magnetic core technology – made by TRAMAG

Due to our own production of magnetic cores from electrical sheets, we can flexibly respond to customer requests in the given installation space and thus make transformers and chokes deeper, higher or wider, for example.

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19. April 2022

Coil winding – made by TRAMAG

Winding a coil so safely and precisely that it meets our customers’ requirements for an individual and specially developed transformer requires years of craftsmanship.

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5. April 2022

Air coils – TRAMAG products explained

Air coils are inductive winding goods without an iron core. They are mainly installed in test facilities and systems and used there as a test load, for example to test switching elements with high short-circuit resistance requirements.

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22. March 2022

Matching autotransformers – TRAMAG products explained

A special version of the matching transformers are our autotransformers. They are often installed in industrial furnaces to adjust local voltages.

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21. March 2022

Filter chokes – TRAMAG products explained

The 3-phase filter choke from TRAMAG forms an output filter together with an on-site C-circuit or an output choke without circuitry.

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16. March 2022

High-current transformers – TRAMAG products explained

High-current transformers are used to make welded joints in the cable industry. This welding process is subject to a very short duty cycle.

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9. March 2022

Line chokes – TRAMAG products explained

Line chokes are used in variable speed drive solutions and are installed between the line input and the frequency inverter. Their task is to protect the inverter input side.

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27. January 2022

Relaunch TRAMAG Website

We hope that our passion for the world of transformers, chokes and filters will also make your online visit to our newly designed website an informative experience.

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26. January 2022


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