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The quality of transformers, chokes and filters depends to a large extent both on their materials and on how these materials are combined and connected. TRAMAG has been an expert in the production of inductors for many years and has enormous expertise, especially in the electro-technical safety-relevant, low-impedance connection technology.

Cu/Cu connections

In this method of connection technology, the copper material of both connecting parts is joined together by brazing, i.e. by heat. The result is a highly stable, electrically and thermally robust connection, the conductivity remains fully intact.

Al/Cu connections

Another method of joining connecting parts is the cold pressure welding process. In this process, the material consisting of the different non-ferrous metals, aluminium and copper, is joined together not by heat but by friction and pressure. This process also ensures the required connection cross-section.

We are champions in joining connections with metals

High flexibility in the implementation of advanced connection technology

  • Different types (lug, clamp, stranded wire, bolt) and positions (front, rear, top, bottom) of connections possible
  • Several material variants possible
    • Tape for high currents
    • Round wire (also very thin wires for higher voltage)
    • Flat wire for higher currents and better utilisation of winding space
    • HF stranded wire for higher frequencies
  • Different combinations (e.g. aluminium tape/copper lug) possible

Optimized for every customer application

TRAMAG offers the best quality for safe operation and the most efficient economy in the installation of connections.

Our products are perfectly matched to your systems and thus create maximum system availability and function of the drive or machine.

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20. December 2023

Christmas & New Year Greetings

The TRAMAG Team would like to thank its customers, business partners and friends for the trust they have placed in us and for their cooperation in partnership over the past year. 2023, another year full of business challenges, but also a year of suffering and misfortune for many people in regions near and far around the world.

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18. December 2023

Quality is when your QMB goes “High-Five-S” with you

We know where quality must ultimately be demonstrated and proven: In the product, in the customer’s application. But where does quality begin? On the one hand in technical development and on the other hand in the organization of workplaces in production. Employees who keep their workstations tidy maintain an overview, have access to the right tools at all times and can work on the product efficiently and with quality assurance.

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13. December 2023

Information visit to TRAMAG by the VDI District Association of Bavaria North-East

On the afternoon of St Nicholas’ Day, the TRAMAG plant in Fürth hosted an information event for members of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) from the Bavarian North-East District Association. Due to the regional proximity and also taking TRAMAG’s 100th anniversary as an occasion, we received a request from the Nuremberg VDI local group to visit our plant, which we were very happy to fulfil.

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6. December 2023

“Quality is when the Customer comes back and not the Product”

The most technically innovative or economically attractive product in an application is worth nothing if the quality is not right. Not only would the failure of the product itself have to be lamented, but possibly also further damage to the entire application.

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22. November 2023

TRAMAG Interview with Easy Engineering Magazin

In a recent interview with Easy Engineering magazine, Jan Reinecke, member of TRAMAG’s management board, presents TRAMAG’s business activities and innovative products and provides current and exciting insights into relevant market trends.

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