Industry Focus: Battery storage technology in production use

Battery Storage Technology with TRAMAG Chokes for Power Supply of Industrial Drives Systems

Even a short power failure within a factory can lead to a standstill of the operated machines for hours and thus to an expensive loss of production. In order to be able to continue production in the event of such a power failure, batteries can be used as energy storage and supply units to bridge the power failure.

Another example of the use of batteries in factories is the absorption of regenerative energy caused by load cycles in machine operation. Batteries as energy storage devices help to dimension the electrical design of the drive system more economically and also significantly increase the energy efficiency of the plant, which means that the electricity costs to the energy supplier can be noticeably reduced.

In both examples, the integration of battery storage units into the electrical drive system requires the integration of so-called storage-chokes in the DC voltage supply line between the converter power module and the battery / motors.

TRAMAG: We are the Enablers

Storage-chokes developed by TRAMAG “smooth” the current fed from the converter power module by means of intermediate storage in their iron core, thus protecting the connected batteries / motors from heating up and extending their service life.

For years, customers all over the world have relied on our solution expertise in transformers, chokes and filters for reliable use in the electrical and economic optimization of their industrial applications of machines and systems that are permanently or temporarily supplied with energy from battery storage systems.

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