TRAMAG Branch Chokes – The perfect fit for Multilevel Converter Systems

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Industrial drives systems require powerful converters with maximum flexibility and high availability. In addition, they must be suitable for controlling almost any type of motor and the voltage-signal must be mains-friendly as well as motor-friendly on the output side. This is where our special TRAMAG branch chokes come into play. With additional electro-technical insulation, they are also designed for special surge voltage resistance and ensure optimum use and availability of the converter-controlled drive system even under high continuous load.

So-called shaft generators are used on larger ships to generate energy for the on-board power supply. What is meant here is the drive shaft for operating the ship’s propeller or propellers. On the output side, connected to the modular converter system, a branch choke per outer conductor ensures a “clean” current signal with low ripple for the voltage supply with the desired electrical sine wave – not to be confused with the out-board sea-waves – for the connected motors and other consumers.

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While the usual industrial converter works with one DC link (level), the multilevel inverter works with several DC links (multilevel). Depending on the number of required intermediate circuits, this modular multi-level inverter technology shows its strengths above all in drive systems with high power requirements, in connection with pumps, compressors, fans and other high-performance drives. And this in the perfectly coordinated combination with the three TRAMAG branch reactors always required for each DC link connection.

For years, customers all over the world have trusted in TRAMAG’s solution competence for the use of transformers, chokes and filters for the most diverse electrotechnical applications, including the most powerful and technologically advanced converter systems.

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6. December 2023

“Quality is when the Customer comes back and not the Product”

The most technically innovative or economically attractive product in an application is worth nothing if the quality is not right. Not only would the failure of the product itself have to be lamented, but possibly also further damage to the entire application.

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22. November 2023

TRAMAG Interview with Easy Engineering Magazin

In a recent interview with Easy Engineering magazine, Jan Reinecke, member of TRAMAG’s management board, presents TRAMAG’s business activities and innovative products and provides current and exciting insights into relevant market trends.

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8. November 2023

TRAMAG at SPS 2023 in Nuremberg from 14 to 16 November

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth 523 in hall 4. We, TRAMAG employees from technology and sales, welcome you there and are curious how and with what we can help you. Of course, we will once again be exhibiting innovative TRAMAG product solutions on our stand area, which represent an interesting cross-section of our current range for relevant applications in the drives and automation industry.

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18. October 2023

TRAMAG at the SPS 2023

The SPS trade fair is undisputedly the annual highlight, the showcase, of the industrial automation and drive sector with over 40,000 visitors expected.

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27. September 2023

100-year TRAMAG Company History on the Franconian Sea

We celebrated TRAMAG’s 100th birthday on the Franconian Sea like a centennial event … the TRAMAG century. The festive mood of a good-humoured company on the MS Brombachsee, accompanied by a Mediterranean-like summer evening, romantic sunset and shining starry sky made this small cruise an unforgettable event.

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