High-current transformers in mechanical and plant engineering

TRAMAG products explained

High-current transformers are used to make welded joint in the cable industry, among others. During manufacture, a high rated output current is drawn from the transformer at low voltage. This welding process is also subject to a very short duty cycle.

TRAMAG high-current transformers are widely used in mechanical and plant engineering. They are compactly built and their windings are made of a special solid copper material in order to be able to absorb the corresponding forces.

A significant advantage of these transformers are the defined attachment points, which ensure quick and accurate installation in the customer’s environment.

TRAMAG has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-current transformers for almost 100 years and is appreciated by customers all over the world for its excellent quality and expertise.

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6. July 2022

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20. June 2022

Quality assurance made by TRAMAG

Not only during the production itself, but also from the receipt of the materials to the packaging and shipping of the final products, our employees are trained to carefully monitor every process.

10. June 2022

The testing process – made by TRAMAG

TRAMAG has stood for high-quality winding goods for almost 100 years. That is why all our products are 100% tested before they leave the factory.

8. June 2022

Vacuum impregnation – made by TRAMAG

The impregnation process for transformers, chokes and filters is equivalent to an impregnation process of the winding material. TRAMAG uses synthetic resin of special viscosity as the impregnating agent, which hardens completely.


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