TRAMAG Sinusoidal Filters, so that Frequency Converters and Motors have a strong and long life

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TRAMAG chokes and filters are used in drives systems whose core component is a frequency converter that controls one or more motors of a machine or system. Between frequency converters and motors, caused by long cable lengths, undesirable voltage surges can occur at the motor terminals and damaging, parasitic losses can occur in the motor.

The use of TRAMAG sine filters, which are optimally matched to the special drives applications, provides a remedy here. Sinusoidal filters, in combination with chokes as inductance and corresponding capacitors, form a low-pass filter which completely eliminates the voltage peaks and supplies the motor with an almost pure sinusoidal curve with clean mains conditions.

For higher power requirements in industrial applications, e.g. for driving production machines, the motors are operated with three-phase alternating current. The three-phase sinusoidal filter presented today precisely meets this requirement. Designed according to the EN61558-2-20 standard, for a rated current of 1,400A with a rotating field frequency of 160Hz at a clock rate of 2.5 kHz. Equipped with a thermal contact in the V-leg for temperature monitoring by the customer’s installation as well as contact protection against unintentional touching of the front voltage connections for an optimized, reliable functionality of the sine filter in operation.

Individual solutions from our TRAMAG specialists

In this project, the TRAMAG filter shown in the illustrations is completed with capacitors by the customer.

For years, customers all over the world have trusted in TRAMAG’s solution competence for the use of transformers, chokes and filters for the most diverse applications in drives technology. With their experience, knowledge and understanding of quality, our employees in development and production will offer and provide the optimum sinusoidal filter solution for every drives system controlled by a frequency converter. We look forward to your request.

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