TRAMAG Matching Transformer in Protective Housing for Special Purpose Machinery

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Mechanical engineering is a mainstay of the manufacturing industry in Europe. The worldwide turnover with machines amounted to almost 3 trillion euros in 2021. Around 30%* of this, i.e. around 900 billion euros, was generated in Europe.

The mechanical engineering industry is not only a very important employer with many highly qualified jobs, but with its innovative machines and systems it also enables more efficient, more economical and more environmentally compatible production processes and thus ultimately correspondingly demanded products for further use in industry and private households.

The industrial segment of special-purpose machinery manufacturing is characterized by technologically complex, productive, precise and largely automated machines that require considerable investment. In order to enable reliable continuous operation of these systems, the requirements for the design of matching transformers are growing accordingly. These serve to adapt the local mains voltage to the required operating voltage of the machines.

Individual solutions from our TRAMAG specialists

In the project presented today, a 3-phase transformer specially adapted to different voltage levels according to EN61558-2-1 with 160kVA power supplies the electrical components in the customer’s special machine. One of the distinguishing features of this TRAMAG transformer is that it has been designed with two galvanically separated secondary windings for different voltage levels and power ratings on the output side. This makes it possible for the customer to operate another electrical consumer with different voltage levels with one transformer, in addition to the machine operation.

Furthermore, the machine connected to our transformer is electrically safely supplied by integrated output circuit breakers and a UL-compliant insulation system. The special protective housing – with integrated external lifting points and additional transport safety lugs on the side – ensures safe logistical transport and achieves increased protection against foreign bodies and contact at the installation site.

For years, customers all over the world have trusted in our TRAMAG solutions competence for transformers, chokes and filters. Our employees in development and production are justifiably proud of being able to make an important contribution to the success of our customers in their markets with their work for TRAMAG products in the applications of mechanical and plant engineering .

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*Source: Statista, VDMA.

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