Input line chokes in drive and automation technology

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Line chokes are used in variable speed drive solutions and are installed between the line input and the frequency inverter.

Their most important function is to protect the inverter input side. Input line chokes are used to dampen harmonic currents in the input and to allow commutation time for the frequency inverter’s fast-switching switching elements. Line reverse effects caused by commutations are thereby limited. In this way, the availability and safe operation of the drive solution can be constantly maintained.

The connection technology for this application is based on fixed busbars, which significantly simplify installation in the control cabinet environment.

TRAMAG line chokes are already used worldwide in a wide variety of drive systems. Thanks to our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of chokes, we can find the right solution for every application – including yours!

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Quality assurance made by TRAMAG

Not only during the production itself, but also from the receipt of the materials to the packaging and shipping of the final products, our employees are trained to carefully monitor every process.

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TRAMAG has stood for high-quality winding goods for almost 100 years. That is why all our products are 100% tested before they leave the factory.

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