Company policy

Our Code of Conduct

The management and all employees of the company “TRAMAG” commit themselves to carry out their activities according to the regulations of our QM system in order to ensure that the quality of all products and services of our company meet the internal and external requirements. The quality strategy and the quality objectives derived from it are essential components of our corporate policy.

Quality policy of TRAMAG

We strive for satisfied customers. We are the enablers: The more specific, the better.

Honorable business people

We take responsibility for the company, the environment and society by adhering to our compliance guidelines, the “Code of Conduct” and the implemented quality and environmental management systems.

Winding goods specialist

Since 1923, we have been developing and manufacturing transformers and reactors for a wide range of applications. Our qualified and motivated specialists are there for you when problems with requirements seem unsolvable.

Strive for excellence

Through our entire workforce, we deliver exactly the innovative technologies our customers need. In single-item production or in series. Always cost-optimized and on schedule. And always with the highest quality “zero-defect strategy”.

Rapid response

With short communication channels and goal-oriented action, we set all levers, employees or machines in motion to satisfy the customer.

Drive for further development

Standing still means going backwards that is why we involve all employees of our company in the continuous improvement process (CIP).

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