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Making Electricity from Solar Energy usable with TRAMAG LCL Filters

Solar energy-based photovoltaic technology is undisputedly one of the supporting pillars of the energy turnaround for the use of regeneratively generated electricity.

From a technical point of view, photovoltaic modules use solar energy to generate a DC voltage which is fed into the public power grid via an inverter as an AC voltage with the appropriate frequency – for use by the consumer at the socket, among others.

This green electricity, which is generated cleanly from an environmental point of view, is, however, unsuitable in its original signal quality for feeding into the grid and would lead to disturbances and damage in the supply network. For this reason, solar power producers must observe binding standards and regulations for compliance with quality requirements for power feed-in.

TRAMAG: We make it possible

In order to comply with the standardized, low-frequency compatibility level (THDi) according to these regulations, a TRAMAG-LCL filter – a combination of double-deck choke and capacitors – reduces the occurring amplitudes of the harmonics with its low-pass effect and the inductance connected upstream on the grid side and thus ensures a permissible and grid-compatible power feed into the supply grid.

The particularly compact design and the special mechanical bracing of the TRAMAG LCL filter also ensure reduced noise emissions during operation. These are several good arguments in favor of TRAMAG’s choke and filter technology, which has been tried and tested in a number of solar energy systems installed worldwide. Customers all over the world have been relying for years on our solution competence for transformers, chokes and filters for their applications.

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