Industry focus: Drives and Automation technology – Energy recovery with TRAMAG chokes

TRAMAG product applications

TRAMAG chokes and filters are mainly used in drives systems. The core component of such a drives solution is a frequency converter which controls one or more motors of a machine or system. Our chokes and filters are used – depending on the requirements – either on the input side or on the output side of the frequency converter.

Modern drives systems, which are technologically optimized for an energy-efficient operation, consequently also require chokes specially designed for the frequency inverter, which, among other things, enable energy recovery.

These energy recovery-capable chokes are used, among other things, in lifts and cranes, but also in mechanical engineering. For example, in plastic part injection moulding production, the moulds are braked before the closing process, which releases energy that is fed back from the machine into the power grid via a specially designed TRAMAG choke in combination with a four-quadrant converter.

TRAMAG: We are the Enablers

This is just one example of how TRAMAG meets the versatile, special requirements for the most diverse applications in the drives and automation industry. For years, customers all over the world have trusted in our solution competence for transformers, chokes and filters.

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In the past eleven weeks we have presented concrete, current practical examples from the most diverse areas of applications of our TRAMAG transformers, chokes and filters in our Industry & Applications News series, which is intended to give you a representative cross-section view of our competences and possibilities.


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