Part 2: A cool head on the high seas

Working on a fishing trawler is not for the faint-hearted. Fishing also means hard work almost around the clock. The crew is at sea for several weeks with no land in sight, has to withstand the blustery north wind, and brave seasickness. In addition, there are constant vibrations due to the weather, a high noise level and often freezing temperatures below zero.

If you cannot rely on your technology in such a situation, you are helpless – and your annual business and thus your existence are at stake. This was exactly the case for one of our customers. On the high seas off Norway, the power supply to the refrigeration unit suddenly failed, endangering the entire fishery. TRAMAG was called in to help.

Flexibility: The optimal solution for every application

TRAMAG reacted immediately with a custom-made transformer in the Fürth factory. Within only three days the delivery to Stavanger in Norway and the installation on the fishing trawler took place. This meant that the amount of fish already brought in could be secured and fishing operations could continue.

This is just one of many examples of how the TRAMAG team demonstrates flexibility in order to have the optimum solution ready for every customer – even for stormy North Sea operations.

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27. May 2024


A joint presence with a strong, innovative range of products for high-performance electrotechnical applications in drives, automation and testing technology…

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2. May 2024

TRAMAG Transformatorenfabrik is a new member of REDUR

We are pleased to announce that with REDUR GmbH & Co. KG we found an excellent buyer for TRAMAG Transformatorenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG as of 2 May 2024 and we are proud to be a new member of REDUR and the Phoenix Mecano family.

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22. January 2024

TRAMAG is alive, operations continue unabated at full power!

TRAMAG is alive, operations continue unabated at full power! “The trick is to get up once more than you are knocked down.” (Winston Churchill) All hands on deck, the TRAMAG […]

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20. December 2023

Christmas & New Year Greetings

The TRAMAG Team would like to thank its customers, business partners and friends for the trust they have placed in us and for their cooperation in partnership over the past year. 2023, another year full of business challenges, but also a year of suffering and misfortune for many people in regions near and far around the world.

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18. December 2023

Quality is when your QMB goes “High-Five-S” with you

We know where quality must ultimately be demonstrated and proven: In the product, in the customer’s application. But where does quality begin? On the one hand in technical development and on the other hand in the organization of workplaces in production. Employees who keep their workstations tidy maintain an overview, have access to the right tools at all times and can work on the product efficiently and with quality assurance.

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