Twenty years ago: TRAMAG’s entry into the Photovoltaic Technology

How TRAMAG helped to connect the Fürth Solarberg to the grid

Shortly before Christmas 2003, TRAMAG had to save the “Fürther Solarberg” project for the municipal energy supply company Infra Fürth at short notice. The transformers of another manufacturer had burnt out, and functionally reliable replacements were urgently needed. If the solar park did not produce its first electricity by the end of the year, the financing was in danger of collapsing.

Previously without experience in photovoltaic technology, but flexible and highly motivated, the team is developing the necessary transformers at turbo speed. The photovoltaic plant “Fürther Solarberg” goes online on time. TRAMAG had opened up a new, lucrative market overnight and once again impressively confirmed its reputation as a competent and reliable partner. In 2005, the Solarberg, built on the southern slope of a redeveloped former landfill site and financed by a citizen participation model, was one of the 50 largest photovoltaic plants in the world.*

TRAMAG: 20 years of experience and innovation in solar technology for large-scale photovoltaic systems

For twenty years now, TRAMAG has been providing the best arguments for relying on TRAMAG’s proven solar technology know-how in large-scale photovoltaic plants, including the use of the following products:

  • Transformers for the conversion of the voltage generated by the solar inverter (288V) to the required mains voltage (400V), specially designed for operation with optimized inherent losses.
  • LCL filter chokes for safe, grid-compatible current feed of the generated solar energy into the supply grid. A special construction also ensures reduced noise emissions during operation.

Find out how TRAMAG itself became a solar power generator in the next post on TRAMAG photovoltaic technology-competence.

More about transformers & filters for renewable energies

*Source: Wikipedia.

Photovoltaic plant „Fürther Solarberg“
TRAMAG Transformers (left) and LCL filters (right)
TRAMAG Transformers (left) and LCL filters (right)

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