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We have been building and developing wound products for a wide variety of applications at our Fürth site since 1923. No matter whether in single-unit production or in series: We supply you with exactly the innovative technologies you need at the right time. Always cost-optimized and on schedule. Always in highest quality.

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TRAMAG uses its many years of experience in the production of wound goods specifically also in the research and further development of our excellent products.

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The products we manufacture must meet industry standards and satisfy the highest demands. Therefore, we rely on state-of-the-art production technologies.

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Reliable thanks to two locations

Thanks to our second production site in Nové Město nad Metují, Czech Republic, our production is fail-safe. This enables us to respond even to short-notice requests.

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Transformer production – Innovative and reliable since 1923
Precisely fitting solutions for every application.

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Industry overview

You will find modern and high-precision winding machines and equipment in our production. Our machinery consists of various toroidal core winding machines, linear winding machines, stretch winders, turntable winders, as well as reversing disc and reversing plate winders.


Always up to date in transformer technology

31. May 2022

Sinusoidal filter – TRAMAG products explained

Just like dU/dt filters, Sinusoidal filters belong to the output filters, as they are also operated directly at the inverter output and before the connected drive units (motors).

24. May 2022

dU/dt filters – TRAMAG products explained

dU/dt filters belong to the group of output filters, as they are used directly at the inverter output, upstream of the connected drive units – developed precisely to fit the individual drives system.

16. May 2022

LCL filters – TRAMAG products explained

LCL filters are operated directly upstream of the converter to the grid feed-in side. They are used specifically for regenerative converter solutions, which is why they are also used primarily in the field of renewable energies in photovoltaics.

4. May 2022

Connection technology – made by TRAMAG

The quality of transformers, chokes and filters depends to a large extent both on their materials and on how these materials are combined and connected.

28. April 2022

Magnetic core technology – made by TRAMAG

Due to our own production of magnetic cores from electrical sheets, we can flexibly respond to customer requests in the given installation space and thus make transformers and chokes deeper, higher or wider, for example.


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