Magnetic core technology made by TRAMAG

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Advantages of in-house core production

Due to our own production of magnetic cores from electrical sheets, we can flexibly respond to customer requests in the given installation space and thus make transformers and chokes deeper, higher or wider, for example. This depends on the installation space the customer has available in his system. In addition, by cutting electrical sheet and laying the cores in-house, we shorten the throughput times and thus also the delivery times, as we are not dependent on upstream suppliers. TRAMAG keeps an extensive e-sheet coil stock of a wide variety of types in order to be able to react quickly to the most diverse requirements.

Technical data of the electric sheet processing

For the production of magnetic cores for transformers and chokes

  • Sheet widths from 20 – 200mm possible
  • Tolerance 0.02 mm
  • Cutting speed max. 285 m/min


A cleanly laid core has fewer losses and thus a higher efficiency.

Many years of experience in the production of magnetic cores

The delivered electric sheet coils are first checked for core magnetisation losses. Then the programming is adjusted to various factors using the cutting plan. These include length, width, sheet quality, number of holes and hole size. The entire process is constantly monitored using calibrated measuring equipment. The sheet metal core is assembled according to drawing specifications (sheet metal quality, layer height, window length FL, window height FH), which are checked precisely. Finally, the braces are mounted and the finished magnetic core is set up to accommodate the coils.

The better a core has been aligned, the lower the no-load current, which in turn results in higher efficiency!

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Magnetic core technology


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Magnetic core technology
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Magnetic core technology
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Quality assurance made by TRAMAG

Not only during the production itself, but also from the receipt of the materials to the packaging and shipping of the final products, our employees are trained to carefully monitor every process.

Magnetic core technology
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The testing process – made by TRAMAG

TRAMAG has stood for high-quality winding goods for almost 100 years. That is why all our products are 100% tested before they leave the factory.

Magnetic core technology
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Vacuum impregnation – made by TRAMAG

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Magnetic core technology

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