Part 4: Even to remote locations

Drilling platforms are artificially constructed platforms in the middle of the sea. These technically highly complex structures generate several million euros in investment and operating costs – failures in production operations must therefore be avoided at all costs.

Incidents can not only have negative consequences for the electrical supply and economic efficiency, but also pose risks to the environment. Exactly such a scenario occurred at one of our customers.

On a North Sea drilling island off Norway, there was an unexpected fire in a control cabinet. The damage to the electrical equipment of the control cabinet was considerable, and the risks of consequential damage were high. This also meant that a reactor installed in it was badly affected and had to be replaced. A case for TRAMAG!

Flexibility: The optimal solution for every application

In order to solve this problem as quickly as possible, TRAMAG had to manufacture a special choke that met the special requirements of the installation location. Thanks to TRAMAG’s experience in development and production, it was possible to design and produce the choke in a very short time.

It was then taken to the harbour near Trondheim for a special overnight trip. Since every minute counted, the choke was subsequently delivered by helicopter and could thus be installed quickly without causing any further damage.

This is just one of many examples of how the TRAMAG team demonstrates flexibility in order to have the optimal solution ready for every customer – even for remote locations far from the mainland.

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