Mains transformers

Single-phase and three-phase mains transformers from TRAMAG

For feeding primary voltages of different magnitudes

TRAMAG’s single-phase and three-phase mains transformers are used for the safe voltage supply of machines and systems. We offer autotransformers or isolating transformers for changing the output voltage with or without tapping. One or more taps on the primary winding of the transformer make it possible to feed in primary voltages of different magnitudes, transforming only to one output voltage. It is also possible to transform to several output voltages.

We provide mains transformers for the following industries

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Specifications of power transformers from TRAMAG

Technical characteristics and quality features

Mains transformers: Applications

Mains transformers are used for voltage matching for various applications. For example, our autotransformers and isolating transformers are used in power distribution, power supplies and various other industrial applications.

Mains transformers: technical characteristics

  • Power rating 1 MVA
  • Voltages primary up to 1,000 V
  • Voltages secondary up to 7,200 V
  • Frequency up to 1,000 Hz

Mains transformers: Quality characteristics

  • DIN EN 61558-2-1
  • DIN EN 61558-2-11
  • DIN EN 61558-2-13
  • UL/CSA
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31. May 2022

Sinusoidal filter – TRAMAG products explained

Just like dU/dt filters, Sinusoidal filters belong to the output filters, as they are also operated directly at the inverter output and before the connected drive units (motors).

24. May 2022

dU/dt filters – TRAMAG products explained

dU/dt filters belong to the group of output filters, as they are used directly at the inverter output, upstream of the connected drive units – developed precisely to fit the individual drives system.

16. May 2022

LCL filters – TRAMAG products explained

LCL filters are operated directly upstream of the converter to the grid feed-in side. They are used specifically for regenerative converter solutions, which is why they are also used primarily in the field of renewable energies in photovoltaics.

4. May 2022

Connection technology – made by TRAMAG

The quality of transformers, chokes and filters depends to a large extent both on their materials and on how these materials are combined and connected.

28. April 2022

Magnetic core technology – made by TRAMAG

Due to our own production of magnetic cores from electrical sheets, we can flexibly respond to customer requests in the given installation space and thus make transformers and chokes deeper, higher or wider, for example.


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