Reliable dU/dt filters from TRAMAG

For the reduction of load stress

When operating with speed-controlling frequency converters, the motor winding insulation is subjected to higher voltage loads, in contrast to a motor that is connected directly to the mains. The higher loads also depend on the motor cable length. The TRAMAG dU/dt filters reduce the load and aging stress of the motor winding by lowering the dU/dt value of the output voltage of the frequency converter. This improves the quality of the current pattern and thus increases the service life of motor windings.

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Specifications of dU/dt filters from TRAMAG

Technical characteristics and quality features

dU/dt Filters: Applications

TRAMAG’s dU/dt filters are a cost-effective alternative for applications in the drive system which do not require complete filtering of the conductor-to-conductor voltages, as is the case with a sinusoidal filter. Natural overshoots can be up to 1.5 times the DC link voltage. The resulting secondary oscillations are quickly attenuated with the dU/dt filters to reduce high-frequency interference signals to a minimum and to increase the availability and service life of the motor.

dU/dt filters: Technical features

  • Rated voltage: Depending on the model 200-690 V
  • DC link voltage: Depending on model 400-980 V
  • Clock frequency: Max. 8k Hz
  • Protection classes: IP23, IP00

dU/dt filter: Quality features

  • DIN EN 61558-2-20
  • UL/CSA
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