Line chokes

Single-phase and three-phase line chokes from TRAMAG

For the protection of the inverter input

Line chokes protect the inverter input. Mains perturbations caused by commutations are limited. They reduce the TDHi to a typical value between 35 % and 45 %, depending on the size of the coil.

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Specifications of TRAMAG line chokes

Technical characteristics and quality features

Line chokes: Applications

Line chokes and commutating chokes are used on the line side of the rectifier/frequency converter. They are installed before the (AC drive) converter.

Our chokes reduce the proportion of low-frequency harmonics in the network and thus improve network performance.

Line chokes: Technical characteristics

  • Current up to 10,000 A
  • Short circuit voltage typ. 2% or 4%
  • Mains voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Frequency typ. 50-60 Hz

Line chokes: Quality characteristics

  • DIN EN 61558-2-20
  • UL/CSA
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