Double deck chokes

Double deck chokes from TRAMAG

For power regeneration in the grid

TRAMAG double deck chokes are used for power regeneration on the mains side due to their reduced harmonics. In effect, it is an LCL filter without capacitors.

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Specifications of double deck chokes from TRAMAG

Technical characteristics and quality features

Double deck chokes: Applications

The double deck choke is a combination of line and filter choke and is often used in photovoltaic systems for “clean” power regeneration in the grid.

Double deck chokes: Technical characteristics

  • Current up to 10,000 A
  • Mains voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Frequency up to 1,000 Hz

Double deck chokes: Quality features

  • DIN EN 61558-2-20
  • UL/CSA
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