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Electrical energy is a versatile energy carrier that can be converted into other forms of energy with low losses. Transformers from TRAMAG ensure a reliable and powerful energy supply. Our transformers and reactors are relevant components in power supply systems of all kinds.

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Reliable in the energy supply chain

Winding goods for power supply systems

Smooth operation

For the smooth operation of power supply systems, maximum reliability, economy and robustness of transformers and chokes are a necessity. TRAMAG is your competent partner for winding goods in the application of power supply systems for stability of current and voltage for power supply e.g. of semiconductor factories.

Keep the voltage constant

We are very familiar with power supply systems: TRAMAG transformers and chokes can be found in UPS systems, AC and DC auxiliary power supplies, voltage stabilizer systems, voltage correction systems and step up / step down units. We offer further expertise in the field of filter circuit reactors for power factor correction.

Standards for power supply systems

Our products are certified as follows:

  • Construction and testing standard DIN EN IEC 61558
  • UL/CSA
  • Electrical protection classes I and II
  • Insulation classes B, F and H
  • Protection classes according to IP
  • DIN ISO 9001:2015

Individual and solution-oriented

Solution-oriented, economical, flexible: This is what distinguishes TRAMAG. Our chokes and transformers are also specially developed for the requirements of power supply systems and make a significant contribution to stable current and voltage supply in these systems. TRAMAG offers you products exactly tailored to your system.

Development expertise & production quality

Our expertise for your safety

Production safety

TRAMAG attaches great importance to the electrical safety of its products, which is guaranteed by the strictest compliance with all relevant standards.

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Our experience

For almost 100 years TRAMAG has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of transformers and chokes for various applications all over the world.

Our references

Quality standards

A certified QM system, special testing facilities, as well as the distinctive quality commitment of all TRAMAG employees ensure our high quality standards.

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The experience in development and production enables TRAMAG to respond flexibly and individually to special customer requirements, from one-off to series production.

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Always up to date in transformer technology

23. March 2023

TRAMAG Branch Chokes – The perfect fit for Multilevel Converter Systems

Industrial drives systems require powerful converters with maximum flexibility and high availability. In addition, they must be suitable for controlling almost any type of motor and the voltage-signal must be mains-friendly as well as motor-friendly on the output side.

15. March 2023

TRAMAG Special Transformers with the right power for Copper Wire Production

TRAMAG Special Transformers with the right power for Copper Wire Production Highlight of the week Machine and plant construction is the primary domain for the use of our TRAMAG transformers. […]

8. March 2023

TRAMAG Low Harmonic Filter (LHF) Chokes for trouble-free operation of Island-Power-Supplies

TRAMAG Low Harmonic Filter (LHF) Chokes for trouble-free operation of Island-Power-Supplies Highlight of the week Separated from the public interconnected power grids operated by large energy supply companies, technologically complex […]

28. February 2023

TRAMAG transformers with multiple secondary system for medical devices in use

In hardly any other industry are the quality requirements for safe voltage supply, electrical safety and reliable functionality greater than in medical technology.

Transformatoren für Medizintechnik
23. February 2023

Sinusoidal Filters for drive systems with special requirements

TRAMAG chokes and filters are used in drives systems whose core component is a frequency converter that controls one or more motors of a machine or system. Between frequency converters and motors, caused by long cable lengths, undesirable voltage surges can occur at the motor terminals and damaging, parasitic losses can occur in the motor.


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